Please read the testimonials from my satisfied clients:

I have been attending Ann Dickson’s Pilates classes for a number of years, and have found them to be very beneficial in improving strength throughout my body. I have recently had a replacement hip and Pilates has played an important role in my recovery. I also suffer from a lower back problem and the exercises to improve core muscles around the spine and pelvis, have proved to be very helpful in maintaining mobility.

John Salsbury (Retired)

I have practiced Pilates for 12 years on the recommendation of a Rheumatologist due to a “bad back”. I have been taught by 3 teachers over that period and Ann Dickson is by far the best I have worked with. Even in group sessions, she is mindful of everyone’s musculoskeletal problems and tailors the exercises accordingly, still managing to give challenging lessons week on week. Now that I am in my 50’s, I can feel the benefit of Pilates throughout my body with regard to balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture. Pilates has changed my life as my aches and pains no longer rule me, but I manage them as I have the knowledge and skills to exercise safely to speed my recovery when my body lets me down from time to time - I cannot recommend Pilates highly enough!

Marion Woolliss (Staff Nurse)

Two years of Pilates has helped stave off a hip replacement, increased my range of movement and significantly reduced the pain. A one to one with Ann prior to joining the class enabled me to understand the kind of exercise I would be undertaking and for Ann to assess my current level of fitness and how best to improve this without causing further damage. This is invaluable and also is very reassuring to know you have a teacher who is professional and safe. The classes are small, enabling each student to receive the direction and support they require. No coasting in this class, a careful eye is kept on all and exercises modified to your individual need, ensuring you continue to progress. This is a class that is safe,interesting and very rewarding.

Amanda Hutchings (State Registered Nurse)