Pilates Classes

Before joining a class you will be requested to attend a private introductory lesson, even if you have done Pilates before. This session will provide an opportunity for me to understand what adaptions are necessary for your body and for you to learn or review the basic movements and principles of the Pilates and improve your technique if you have prior experience.

I use small equipment such as resistance bands, light weights, small balls, foam rollers and the Pilates toning circle. These not only add fun and variety to the class but provide extra challenge and help refine the movement skills being taught.

It is recommended that you wear clothes that are stretchy but not loose so that posture can be observed and movement not restricted. Feet should be either bare or in socks.

A missed lesson can usually be made up by attending and extra class at a later date if a space is available though this is not guaranteed. For this system to work it is important I am always informed of any known absences.


Class lessons are for an hour and taught in blocks of 6 - 8 weeks. Lessons are £11 each and are paid by the block in advance. Missed lessons are not refundable.

Private lessons are for one hour and cost £40

Class Day Time
Monday 4.50pm & 6pm
Tuesday 4.15pm & 5.30pm
Wednesday 10am & 11.10am
Thursday 4.15pm & 5.30pm