About Pilates

The Pilates method of exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates, (1880 - 1967) and is influenced by many varied disciplines from yoga to tai chi to gymnastics, boxing and dancing. The Pilates Method is a holistic system of exercise connecting mind and body to develop a strong awareness of alignment, breathe and movement. Through practice of controlled and precise movement sequences the body is trained to move with correct muscle activation and co-ordination. Diaphragmatic breathing is used to enhance the efficacy of the movements and the ability to move with relaxed control. Regular practice leads to improved strength and joint stability whilst giving greater flexibility. Core muscles, which support the spine, are strengthened and posture is improved. It is easy to see why Pilates if so often recommended by medical practitioners for being helpful in relieving chronic back pain.

Exercises are focused and precise ensuring safety and exercises can be modified when needed so that all levels of ability can enjoy the benefits of exercising this way. Pilates is not only for rehabilitation and maintenance of a health spine and joints but for performance enhancement where joint stability and optimal movement is needed. Both an art and a science Pilates has something to offer to everyone.

I teach the Body Control Pilates Method, Body Control Pilates is Europe’s largest professional body for Pilates and enjoys an excellent reputation. All certified Body Control Pilates Association registered teachers work to a Code of Practice governing teaching standards and professional work ethics which ensures the highest standards are maintained. Its members are required to regularly attend further training courses to continue developing our knowledge and skills. For further information please go to www.bodycontrol.com