About me

I have taught Pilates since 2002 when I qualified as a teacher with Body Control Pilates which is accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, Level 3. I had discovered Pilates several years before and immediately felt the difference in my body as I practiced the exercises. Not only did I gain the core strength I needed to recover from a back injury, but my posture improved and I noticed I had more energy. I also found Pilates immensely enjoyable and relaxing.

This was the ideal opportunity for me to transition from being a school teacher to being a PIlates teacher where I could share my passion for Pilates. In 2010 I qualified as a Back4Good Practitioner with Body Control Pilates which has given me the skills to teach gentle yet effective exercises to relieve and manage chronic low back pain. More than 80% of the population will at some time in their life experience low back pain. This qualification is accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals as a Level 4, Specialist Instructor in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain.

I hold valid insurance and, as required by the Body Control Code of Practice, I hold a current CPR certificate.